Special Care

We understand that your horse may need special, additional services at one or more times throughout the year.

These situations often vary and may be temporary or become permanent.

Therefore, we offer some addtional services for a nominal fee to help out when and where we are able.

If your horse requires special attention, we're open to discussions.

Together, we'll work up a plan to help accommodate them.

If you simply cannot be at the barn on a given day, we can lend a hand and cover there too!

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Here's Jesus taking Sam for one of his 15 minute strolls around the property.  Sam enjoys his twice daily outtings, as well as his cozy stall and 40' long attached run.


His owner placed Sam here on a temporary basis to rest and rehabilitate after a serious leg injury followed by surgery.

We all know she's anxious to take him home, but will be sad to see him leave when his time with us comes to a close.


Hand walking is only one of the Special Services offered to help owners care for their special four-legged friends.

Other Services Offered – per calendar month

Blanketing (Outside Horses) - $50.00 per horse

Hand Walking - $30.00

Medical Care - variable rates apply

Holding for Vet or Farrier - $10.00 per horse per appointment

"I am so happy to have found Table Mountain Ranch for my horse's rehab. I brought Sam there directly from Littleton Large after a lengthy surgery and he and I were both a mess, to say the least. They took fantastic care of both of us! The manager even spoke to my vet, at my request, to make sure that they were following his post-surgery care exactly! That first week was rough and two of their people checked on him constantly to make sure he was eating and drinking. What peace of mind it is when you know someone is looking out for your horse when you can't be there. I feel lucky to have found a place that goes so far above and beyond what is expected. Thank you TMR!"
Sue and Sam

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